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Hair Removal Tips

Since I started writing this article, my hair has grown faster than ever. But instead of seeing the length of my hair grow, I know the size grows faster! What is most frightening is that the tips of my hair are thinning out. My mane keeps falling out in clumps, and it is hard to grab onto anything with my short hair.

I went through a terrible monsoon where I lost my hair, and my scalp was uncomfortably contrasted to my hair colour. I was even Semi-Permanent. But somehow, I kept growing my hair out. I then tried to apply the wrong shampoo at the same time. To my horror, my scalp became more dry and flaky than it was before the transition. I then tried again with the blow dryer, and I hit the stage where my hair was falling right before the first anniversary.

After hitting the downward slide, I pornography to the internet to seek a permanent salon. I thought I had found the solution. I came to an obstacle right in the middle of my quest. I could not find a qualified hairstylist to work on me. Sigh…

The search got narrowed down to a couple of choices. It was tough to find anyone. But after calling each salon, I discovered that only a couple of them let you trim off your hair. Also, to cut it short, you need not have made an appointment. You can walk in and get your hair cut. That was so sweet. I have resolved to trim my hair myself.

I want to share some tips to help make sure you get a good trim. Let me mention first, that you better be ready to bear with a stranger because no one will cut your hair except for me. It will be awkward. Yes, I said, because no one will miss it.

It will take scissors, a comb, and a razor. That’s all I need.

If you plan on shaving, you will need to do it before going to the salon. You have to let your hair grow a little bit so that the cut won’t be too rough. This is when your hair will be trimmed, although part of the process will occur at the salon.

Promising Look Professional

If you ask any professional; they will tell you the same thing: a razor, a comb, and a scissor are going to make your life a lot easier. It is the tools that they use that differentiate a professional from a novice.

Try to avoid using a dull blade when shaving. Use a new one if you can. Your skin will be grateful.

Don’t shave when your skin is too tired or sunburnt. You might get pimples and won’t even want to go out anymore if you do.

Exfoliate. This is not a complicated step, but one of the things you hear many. Exfoliation finds its place in treating unmanageable hair because it helps in the exhausting removal of dead skin cells. This is also done to avoid ingrown hair.

Use dry shampoo. Instead of using shampoo every day, use it two or three times a week.

Heat-activated use products. These products, which are usually categorized as hair care, contain specific heat components that are supposed to stimulate the regrowth of hair.

Make hair regrowth a daily habit. If you make it a daily ritual to shave legs and arms, then make it daily to make sure hair regains its former length. Some products are supposed to cause tingling, which means you can’t miss them. You can use them as an alternative method to waxing.

Look for a product that is easy to use. There are those special shampoos and creams that provide permanent hair removal. But when you buy them, you know for sure that they are non-permanent. You won’t be able to use them unless you regrow the hairs that have fallen out because of your trimming efforts. So, be a savvy shopper and buy your products from a reputable seller.