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What Does Laser Moles Removal Do for You? Understand the Benefits.

The majority of moles are nothing to be concerned about. However, on rare occasions, a physician will advise that a mole be removed because it is at risk of turning cancerous. In other situations, a person may want to have a mole removed for cosmetic reasons or because it is in the way at a specific location. If you’re thinking about having moles removed, there are numerous ways it may be done. Laser removal, which is offered by Franklin Skin and Laser in Franklin, Tennessee, is an excellent alternative for individuals looking for a less painful option. Laser treatment also lowers the risk of infection and speeds recovery.

What Is Laser Moles Removal?

This procedure involves treating the mole with laser light. The skin cells that the mole is made up of will be broken down during laser moles treatment. Only the mole is eliminated, leaving the surrounding tissue intact and healthy. Mole removal laser therapy takes a short period of time and requires merely a few minutes for each mole to be removed. There is no recovery time connected with this therapy, so patients may go about their normal activities after it is complete. To remove the mole, most people only require one session.

What Will the do Mole Look Like After Treatment?

When you depart our workplace following your consultation, a little red spot will remain where the mole was. A tiny, short-term dressing will likely be placed over the laser mole removal treatment site. On the place of treatment, a scab will form in the coming days. When that scab falls off after approximately a week, the region where the mole was should be smooth and pale pink. The spot will lighten gradually over time and remain clear until it has disappeared completely in months. Patients are usually advised to avoid applying cosmetics to the treatment area until after the scab has fallen off.

What Kinds of Moles Are Best Suited for Laser Therapy?

Small moles that are non-malignant may be treated with laser therapy for mole removal. Only invasive biopsies should be performed on moles that do not require a biopsy because laser ablation does not result in a sample that can be sent to a lab for testing. Laser excision is an excellent choice for moles that are difficult to reach, such as the ears or face. It’s also an efficient technique of removing numerous moles in one treatment session.

How Can I Determine if Laser Reduction Is the Best Option for Me?

If you’re wondering if laser treatment is right for you, we can help. Laser removal isn’t something that should be done on your own. We can review your medical history and each of your moles with you to see whether or not laser treatment is the best solution.

Is It Safe to Use a Laser?

The medical-grade lasers in this therapy are tiny, powerful, and completely safe. Patients undergoing this therapy are given goggles to protect their eyes while the laser is on.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Treatment Over Other Treatments?

The benefit of laser removal is that it is a non-invasive technique. Infection is less of a problem because this method does not include burning or cutting the skin, and the patient’s speed to heal is faster.